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Learning at the bottom of the pyramid: Science, measurement, and policy in low-income countries. Paris: UNESCO-IIEP

This edited volume, Learning at the bottom of the pyramid: Science, measurement and policy in low-income countries, is based on an international conference held in Philadelphia on March 2-3, 2017. This book is made available without cost by UNESCO.

About 50 invited experts participated in the conference which focused on how to better understand the science of learning in low-resourced settings worldwide, how learning can be measured in marginalized populations, and ways that new policy approaches can improve learning. These are matters of substantial concern to international agencies, foundations, policy makers, education specialists, and the public at large. The findings are broad and varied, as represented by the diverse backgrounds of conference participants, and the complex issues involved. It is clear that in order to achieve both inclusion and equity in improving the quality of education, a better understanding of learning in low-income societies should take a high priority.