Literacy(ies), culture(s), and development(s): The ethnographic challenge

Wagner, Daniel A.
Date of publication: 
Thu, 2004-04-01

Literacy studies, whether focused on children, youth, or adults, have been around for a long, long time. Comprehensive reviews of the field from both general and specific perspectives may be seen, for example, in the various volumes of the Handbook of Reading Research published since 1984.

Adult Literacy: Monitoring and Evaluation for Practice and Policy

Wagner, Daniel A.
Date of publication: 
Tue, 2008-01-01


With the advent of the UN Literacy Decade launched in 2003, there is

increased emphasis on monitoring and evaluation of adult literacy around the globe.

The present paper presents an overview of the main approaches that have been taken to

measure adult literacy within and across countries. A particular focus of the present

Monitoring and Evaluation of ICT in Education Projects: A Handbook for Developing Countries

Wagner, Daniel A.; Day, Bob; James, Tina; Kozma, Robert B.; Miller, Jonathan; Unwin, Tim
Date of publication: 
Sat, 2005-01-01


The overview provides the context for investment in ICT4E, which should ultimately contribute to the

education targets identifi ed in the Millennium Development Goals. It identifi es the need for a more credible

knowledge base to help policy makers more effectively choose from among ICT4E options, and it points to

Rethinking Literacy Studies: From the Past to the Present

Kelder, Richard
Date of publication: 
Mon, 1996-01-01

It is critical for administrators and teachers involved in adult literacy programs to be aware of the rich body of research
in the area of literacy studies. Reviewing the research literature in literacy studies demands infinite patience to
deconstruct the multilayered meanings of the concept of literacy as well as a critical temperament to determine what is

Literacy in the Workplace

Bhattacharya, Gopal
Date of publication: 
Mon, 1997-05-05

As we get closer to the end of the century, it becomes increasingly clear that

one of the most potent forces to have impacted on the economic and social

environment of the countries across the globe, especially since the last

decade, is the force of globalization. This is reflected in increased pace of

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