Reading and Believing: Beliefs, Attributions, and Reading Achievement in Moroccan School Children

Wagner, Daniel A; Spratt, Jennifer E; Gal, Iddo; Paris, Scott G.
Date of publication: 
Thu, 1999-01-28

Improving Policies and Programs for Educational Quality

Wagner, Daniel A
Date of publication: 
Thu, 2013-01-10

Literacy Through Oracy: The Rotary Foundation Litraid Project In Zimbabwe

Louw, E. William
Date of publication: 
Fri, 1996-01-12

The Zimbabwe LITRAID Project is a video-led, university level course of instruction for
Zimbabwean teachers in the late Primary and early Secondary Schools throughout Zimbabwe. It is
taught by distance means, including the use of video equipped vehicles which travel throughout
the country. The course was developed jointly by the University of Zimbabwe in partnership with

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